Chemical Safety and Hazard Communication

SB Studio for Barton Health

Communications training

Employees learn how to handle chemical spills through realistic situations. Activities include realistic contexts, multi-step tasks, and feedback that learners encounter in their jobs to support real performance.

Survival Game: Six Sigma Principles

Lynx Learning

Process management training

In this compelling scenario, learners must use process management principles to survive a plane crash in the mountains.

Health Care Fraud Detection


Health care fraud compliance training

Work as an apprentice under a senior detective to learn about health care fraud. Gather information by completing activities and accessing various resources to prepare for the interrogation (assessment).

Blackbeard's Treasure: Scuba Principles

SB Studio

Safety training

Scuba divers use their knowledge of pressure and volume relationships to recover Blackbeard's treasure, or die trying.

Disaster Preparedness

Shwetha Bhaskar, Columbia University

Compliance training

This humorous and engaging example helps learners prepare for natural and man-made disasters.

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