New Product Testing

Plum eLearning for a Global Tech Company

Policies and procedures training

This course is a fictionalized version of a real course for a global tech company. The course is a requirement for employees wishing to join a program for internal hardware/software testing.

ROI Calculator

SB Studio

Sales job aid

Calculate a personalized ROI for an elearning authoring tool based on its costs and savings. Then, use the Q & A feature to answer your questions or concerns.

How You Spend Your Time

SB Studio

Dynamic Chart for Performance Support

Enter how you spend your time in a working day, then view a chart of your data compared to census averages.

Responsive Checklist

SB Studio

Responsive performance support app

A checklist app to help new employees. Click each task for helpful details, then mark the status as "Not started", "Working on it", or "Done". The app uses xAPI to remember progress across sessions.

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