Eye Surgery Practice (New 2024!)

Plum eLearning

Physical procedure scenario

In this learning-by-doing example, eye surgeons review patient disorders and perform corrective cataract procedures. Key desicion points are simulated including which instruments to use at each step and where to make incisions and injections.

Chemical Safety and Hazard Communication

Plum eLearning for Barton Health

Compliance and safety training

Employees learn how to handle chemical spills through realistic situations. Activities include realistic contexts, multi-step tasks, and feedback that learners encounter in their jobs to support real performance.

DVR Component Connection


Hardware how-to simulation

Learn to connect television components by simulating the cable connections that must be made in real life.

IT Certification Training


Scenario based questions

Apply various IT skills in six realistic scenarios. Each scenario requires multiple decisions using combinations of drag-and-drops, fill-in-the-blanks, radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

New Product Testing

Plum eLearning for a Global Tech Company

Policies and procedures training

This course is a fictionalized version of a real course for a global tech company. The course is a requirement for employees wishing to join a program for internal hardware/software testing.

How Solar Works

Vivint Solar

Physical process explanation

Ever wonder how a solar system works? This lesson will show you!

Appropriations Law

Plum eLearning for a US Government Agency

Policies and procedures training

Learners must apply procurement law policies in various scenarios. Activities include realistic contexts, multi-step tasks, embedded coaching and links to the procurement law knowledge base that learners use in their jobs.

Survival Game: Six Sigma Principles

Lynx Learning

Process management training

In this compelling scenario, learners must use process management principles to survive a plane crash in the mountains.

Effectively Communicating with Children

Active Mind Solutions

Communications training

Adults working with children learn how to communicate effectively using a variety of contextually relevant interactions.

Choosing an Output Indicator for a Six Sigma Project

Lynx Learning

Process management training

This elearning transforms a complex and dry subject into a meaningful learning experience by helping learners practice and learn from their mistakes within realistic scenarios.

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