Using Computer Ports

SB Studio

Hardware/device training

Help a colleague quickly set up a laptop for an important presentation. When a mistake is made, receive intrinsic feedback via a loss of time and the colleague's visible frustration.

Information Security

SB Studio

Compliance training

You need to run to a surprise birthday party for a colleague, but first, secure your desk so that no sensitive information is at risk. Multi-step tasks mimic real-life decision-making, and a timer adds a gaming element to increase engagement.

Threat Modelling Game

Plum eLearning for Google

Team-based game

Gamification can make elearning more fun and engaging. But how do you design an elearning game that goes beyond fact-based recall to have a deeper impact on your organization? See how Plum eLearning developed this award-winning, team-based game for Google that has had thousands of players and great measurable results. Read the gamification case study for additional details.

Virtual STEM Experience (New 2024!)

Bohlsen Group

Virtual STEM adventures to enhance real-world learning

These elearning STEM activities were designed to accompany real-world activities at a Girl Scout camp. The modules, delivered via iPads, provide girls with an alternative medium for learning and help them retain the information they learn during the physical experiences.

Software Simulation Tasks

Plum eLearning for Netwatch

Software simulation

These three examples teach learners how to configure software that controls security cameras. After completing the practice mode, learners can try the task-based assessments to demonstrate proficiency. Gaming elements include performance meters, hints, and correct/incorrect counters.

Chemical Safety and Hazard Communication

Plum eLearning for Barton Health

Compliance and safety training

Employees learn how to handle chemical spills through realistic situations. Activities include realistic contexts, multi-step tasks, and feedback that learners encounter in their jobs to support real performance.

Healthcare Gifts and Gratuities

Plum eLearning for Athena Compliance

Ethics and compliance training

This elearning uses humor and gamification to make a potentially boring topic more engaging and memorable. Healthcare employees must race against the clock to identify situations that require investigation of gifts and gratuities that may be inappropriate.

Aviation Alphabet Game

SB Studio

Corrective feedback drill-and-practice

This example uses the corrective feedback paradigm (CFP) to sequence problems. Numerous studies have shown that spaced repetitions are more effective than non-spaced repetitions for improving learner recall. If you complete the game, you'll find that you really do remember the correct answers. Try it out!

Solar Power Conditions

Vivint Solar

Equipment simulation

This elearning example gives the learner control of the conditions at a house with a solar system installed. Learners can change conditions such as weather, time of day, and direction to try to generate the most power.

Software Simulation Models

SB Studio

Software simulation

Try out four interaction models for software simulations: Show Me, Let Me Try, Step by Step Challenge, and Whole Task Challenge.

Survival Game: Six Sigma Principles

Lynx Learning

Process management training

In this compelling scenario, learners must use process management principles to survive a plane crash in the mountains.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Active Mind Solutions

Compliance and safety training

Learners must demonstrate that they are able to discern which situations pose risks, identify who is at risk, and decide the best course of action to address the risk.

Effectively Communicating with Children

Active Mind Solutions

Communications training

Adults working with children learn how to communicate effectively using a variety of contextually relevant interactions.

Identifying Transaction Codes

Plum eLearning for U.S. Army

Enterprise software training

Learners must identify transaction codes in a supply chain application in order to get supplies to soldiers in the field. Gaming elements and rich feedback are used to motivate learners.

Working with Interpreters

Hennepin County Human Services

Interpersonal communication

Practice using interpreters to communicate with clients who don’t speak English.

Blackbeard's Treasure: Scuba Principles

SB Studio

Safety training

Scuba divers use their knowledge of pressure and volume relationships to recover Blackbeard's treasure, or die trying.

SmartBuilder Quiz Game

SB Studio

Fact-based recall game

This adaptation of 'Jeopardy' includes additional motivating elements. Besides just displaying earnings, gauges show how daring and consistent learners are. Learners also buy prizes with money earned, inducing them to return and try again.

Movie Madness

SB Studio

Assessment with gaming elements

So you think you know movies eh? Put your knowledge to the test with this trivia challenge that includes timed scoring to spice things up.

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