Creating a team-based elearning game

elearning game scene

There’s a good deal of buzz about using games and gamification to make elearning more fun and engaging. But how do you design an elearning game that goes beyond fact-based recall to have a deeper impact on your organization? Let’s take a look at an elearning game that SmartBuilder’s sister company, Plum eLearning, developed for … [Continue Reading]

Learner-to-learner collaboration with xAPI

Quiz leaderboard using xAPI created with SmartBuilder

Have you ever wanted to allow your learners to collaborate or compete within a lesson? Well, thanks to the magic of xAPI and the power of SmartBuilder, now they can. I’ll share an example in a moment, but first, some quick background. I just completed the xAPI Cohort, “a free, vendor-neutral, 12-week learning-by-doing project-based team … [Continue Reading]

Facebook Blues

Today I read about an interesting study from the University of Michigan which found that the more people used Facebook, the unhappier they were. This may seem counter intuitive since you’d think that being more connected to others would enhance one’s sense of well-being. One possible explanation is that by spending more time doing virtual socializing, … [Continue Reading]