DESIGN CHALLENGE #1 (part 1 of 4)

Meet the First Challenger

This post is part of the Elearning Design Challenge Series, which you can read about here.


Dr. Mia Kalish, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Doña Ana Community College


The nursing program recently lost its accreditation because its instructors could not adequately evaluate teaching outcomes.

The college provides a professional training program called ChAMPIONs to help instructors teach more effectively. The program has been a success for the college; however, completion of the program has been limited due to logistical challenges of its face-to-face format. Dr. Kalish has been tasked with converting the classroom training into an asynchronous, web-based format to spread the benefits of the ChAMPIONs program and help the nursing program regain its accreditation.

Dona Ana Community College

Dona Ana Community College

Hmm…challenging. It sounds like we have a lot of content to work with, but our delivery method is completely changing. What worked in the classroom, may not work the same in the elearning course. Having an excellent performance goal will be critical to the success of this project. It will help ensure that the course provides the same successful outcomes as the classroom version. What does theory say about creating performance goals? How does that apply to Dr. Kalish’s project?

Stay tuned as this series continues with establishing performance goals for the project.


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  1. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, including prototype reveals included.

  2. May I have the link to Design Challenge #1 – Part 2 of 4?

    Thanks a million


    • Hi Andy,

      Here’s the link to Design Challenge #1 – Part 2 of 4:

      Also, if you click the large “Awesome Sauce Blog” text/graphic at the top of any blog post, it will take you to the blog home page where you can find extracts for all the recent posts.

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