Creating learning experiences when performance really matters

I recently heard a news story about the Ebola crisis where the expert being interviewed explained that most of the infections of healthcare workers occur not from faulty or missing protective equipment but from workers not following the correct procedures when they remove their gear. This reminded me of a prototype that SmartBuilder developed a few years ago about following correct procedures when exiting a bio lab.

The prototype was developed to focus on specific performance, not just presentation of information. In the safe space afforded by elearning, the lab worker can practice using a realistic scenario, make mistakes, and have those “ah-ha” moments where real learning takes place.  Of course, with a disease as serious as Ebola, medical workers also go through training with actual equipment. But, starting the learning process with performance-focused elearning better prepares the lab worker to finish acquiring the skills that will keep them, and others, safe.

The video was recorded for a blog post by one of my favorite elearning experts, Cathy Moore, and discuss the benefits and process of prototyping. I think you’ll find the whole video worthwhile, but if you’re short on time, skip ahead to 7:20.



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