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Make the Sale

Sales and product training Elearning example View HTML5 version

Sales and product training

Ask questions to determine a customer’s needs, and then offer the best product for each customer. Caution: some customers are more patient than others!

Lifeline: Continuum of Care


Health care product training Elearning example

Health care product training

Provides an overview of types of care for the elderly and explanation of resources available to sales reps responsible for selling a medical alert system.

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  • I can truly say that I've never used a tool that enabled me to put together such a relatively complex piece of interactive media so quickly without ever having to write even a single line of code. Smartbuilder is extremely impressive stuff!

    ...more Christopher King Instructional Multimedia Developer
    University of South Florida Polytechnic
  • There is simply no other tool on the market that gives us that combination of rapid development and interactivity in a collaborative setting. Every time I open up SmartBuilder, it reminds me why I got into this field in the first place.

    ...more Torre Shumate Sr. Project Consultant
    Texas Health Resources
  • This is the BEST authoring tool I have used since starting to work with elearning a couple of years ago...

    ...more Kathleen Recktenwald Sr. Clinical trainer
    Norton Healtcare
  • SmartBuilder, is a more flexible tool than anything else I know of - with SB, I can do anything I dream. After just a couple of days of using SB I was hooked and already designing some pretty impressive modules...

    ...more Delphinia Brown Research Associate
    American Institute of Research
  • You're really making me look good! And it has been so much fun – I feel as giddy as I did when I first started studying computer programming and that was a good 25 years ago.

    ...more Julie Biddle Instructional Designer
    Ontario Canada
  • I've used many other development tools in the past that were either shallow or required extensive programming knowledge to achieve the outcome I wanted. I found SmartBuilder to be a robust and flexible authoring tool that allowed me to quickly create an interactive and engaging elearning tutorial.

    ...more Sherry Junk Senior Instructional Designer
  • Prior to building courses with SmartBuilder, we only had 25-50% completion rates of our pre-classroom elearning...with our SmartBuilder courses, our completion rates are near 100% with very little chasing required.

    ...more Rob Taylor Elearning Manager
    Huthwaite International
  • I did an extensive review of elearning authoring products on the market...Smart Builder was the one I chose...because of the incredible power provided by the purely object-based approach. I can build interactions in Smart Builder that simply aren't possible using other tools.

    ...more David Sigler CEO
    Interactive Leadership Solutions Inc
  • SmartBuilder gives us the ability to have sophisticated learning functions and features without hiring programmers. SmartBuilder has helped us set a new standard of excellence for online learning.

    ...more Kimball Ungermann Instructional Designer
  • I loved using Authorware and was disappointed when it was discontinued. But I had been looking for other solutions anyway to provide the seamless web delivery clients expect. SmartBuilder provides the power of Authorware, with an easy-to-use interface, and it creates flash output. This is the perfect solution.

    ...more Mark Kizilos Former Vice President, Talent Management
    Thomson Reuters
  • SmartBuilder met all our requirements, and is so quick to learn and easy to use that it fosters creativity instead of hampering it. Our designer/developers walk around with huge grins because they're getting paid to have so much fun at work!

    ...more Tricia Luke Technical Training Specialist, Senior Staff
  • It's so much more fun than working in Flash. Too many years of that, and I'm glad I've found a great alternative!

    ...more James Basore Training Specialist
    Lawrence Berkley Lab
  • Over the past few months we've been working on 3 major projects, each requiring a different infrastructure - we're extremely happy with SmartBuilder, the product and the support we receive! It's become the favorite tool of my developers.

    ...more Anne Gaffney Training Specialist Supervisor
    Hennepin County, MN
  • I had never built online courses before using SmartBuilder, but within a few days I was able to start developing effective training, and it has been really well received by our employees. Best of all, your customer service is VERY responsive.

    ...more Marcy Milhomme Training Manager
    Harvard Clinical Research Institute
  • Since I've started using SB to deploy our modules, we're getting requests to download our trainings! This did not happen before. Thank you for creating a tool that has the power and flexibility to allow me to actually use my ideas and not just wish I could figure out how.

    ...more Tahiya Marome M.A., Instructional Technology
  • Multiple developers, editors, reviewers, and translators located across the United States needed to participate simultaneously on the Business Planning for Protected Areas course - a daunting, 40-hour proposition. SmartBuilder allowed us to work collaboratively, greatly improving our production efficiency.

    ...more Chanda Carpenter Instructional Designer and Learning Specialist
    The Nature Conservancy
  • PowerPoint was not powerful enough to do what we needed, but the next step up was scripting tools. SmartBuilder has given us a tool that is user-friendly with the power that allows us to build the kind of content we want.

    ...more Richard Speaars Instructor
    Macon State College
  • Smartbuilder exceeds our expectations. We produce engaging simulations at a rapid pace without writing code at all. As a result, our learners and SMEs enjoy the rich interactivity, and our learners build excellent customer-service skills.

    ...more Gloria Garcera Online Learning Specialist
  • Incredibly flexible yet easy to use tool. Everything I ever want to do with it, they have anticipated. Also, they have the best support I've ever come across, and that's no exaggeration

    ...more Nick Desoutter Senior Associate, Elearning Standards
  • I can highly recommend SmartBuilder, not only for the functionality of the tool itself but the customer support is excellent.

    ...more Julie Clegg Executive Vice President
    Toddington International
  • SmartBuilder is a robust learning development tool that enables creativity without requiring programming. Not only is the tool effective, the support cannot be surpassed.

    ...more Cheryl Lisker Instructional Designer
    Take Charge America
  • SmartBuilder's customer service is unparalleled when it comes to positive attitudes and a willingness to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction

    ...more Celestial Holmes Instructional Designer
    Scholastic Book Fairs
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